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Yoghurts are formed from aggregated protein particles issued from the fermentation of lactic bacteria.


Process flow chart




Suggested Recipes


Stirred Yoghurt                               Light stirred yoghurt

Ingredients % Ingredients %
Skim milk powder 10.9 Skim milk powder 12.12
Modified starch 1.1 Modified starch 1.1
Suger 7 Robertet stabilizer 0.4
Butter 2.38 Water 86.78
Robertet stabilizer 0.4 Total 100.4
Water 78.22    
Total 100    


Benefits of using Robertet Stabilizer

•    Improve the consistency
•    Enhance body/mouthfeel (especially in low /no fat products)
•    Prevent syneresis
•    Decrease or suppress the addition of milk solids
•    Provide heat-stability in the case of post pasteurization (long shelf life products)
•    Optimize the overall cost of the formulation