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UHT neutral cream



UHT neutral cream is an emulsion of milk fat, water and milk solid non fat stabilised with carrageenan or a stabilising system.The pH is neutral and fat content between 35% and 10%. These products are sterilised and have a long shelf life at room temperature.


Benefits of using Robertet Hydrocolloids

• Stability during heat treatment, no floculation
• Viscosity control
• No creaming(fat separation) or synereses during long shelf life
• Better wippability with increased foam stability
• Heat stable(cooking cream)


Suggested recipes :


• Recipe liquid cream 35% fat :

Ingredients Percentage
Cream 35 % 99.985
Robertet stabilizer 0.015
Total 100


• Recipe liquid cream 28% fat :

Ingredients Percentage
Cream 28% 99.97
Robertet stabilizer 0.015
Total 100



Process flow chart

Skimming : %fat standardisation
Disperse carrafeenan at 5-10'C stir for 15-20mn                              Addition of carrageenan          

Cooling to 75'C

Filiing and storage 4-6'C