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Mayonnaise is a traditional emulsion based product made with 80% oil, egg yolk, vineagar mustard etc.The quality of Mayonnaise depends upon the stability of the emulsion over time (texture) and on the flavor of the product.


Benefits of using Robertet - System

Improved emulsion stability.
Cost reduction through lower oil content.
Wide range of textures available.
Improved flavor release.


Suggested recipe: 40% Mayonnaise

Water up to 100%
Potasium sorbate 0.1%
Sugar 2%
Robertet stabilizer 0.2-3%
Egg yolk (salted) 5%
Sunflower oil 40%
Vinegar 10' 6%
Lemon Juice Conc. (31 brix) 0.8%
Mustard paste 2%
Salt 1.5%



Add water to the colloid mill ( e.g.Fryma ).
Add suger and mix well.
Prepare gum slurry by mixing Robertet stabilizer with a part of the oil.
Pour gum slurry slowly into colloid mill and mix until gum is fully hydrated   ( 3 minutes ).
Add egg yolk and mix well.
Add remaining oil slowly and emulsify well.
Add blend of remaining ingredients and mix very well.
Emulsify for one more minute.


Robertet Solution Provider

Should the above mentioned products not fulfil your requirements regarding flavor release, texture and cost,or should you have any specific questions regarding the products and how to use them, our Tech service and Application Laboratories are available to support you and if necessary to design your personalized solution.
Our laboratories are well equipped to carry out practical application tests on pilot plant equipment simulating large-scale production methods.