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Ketchup, from the Chinese word kechap, is one of the most popular savory sauces all over the world. It is used as sauce for fast food or as basic tomato sauce for other applications.
The primary quality issue for Ketchup is the amount of tomato concentrate used, other key quality parameters are the flow behavior and possibly the amount of syneresis.


Benefits of using Robertet - System

Improve texture control & flow behavior
Improve mouthfeel
Syneresis control


Standard recipe:

Tomato concentrate 28brix 34.00%
Corn syrup ( 80 brix, 60 DE) 20.00%
Water 22.50%
Suger 10.00%
Robertet Stabilizer 1.2-1.4%
Salt 2.40%
Vinegar 10' 9.00%
Potassium sorbate 0.10%
Spices 0.70%
Total 100.00%



Pour water into the colloid mill.
Add preservatives.
Add tomato concentrate and heat to 85'C.
Dry blend Robertet stabilizer with suger.
Add to the water and stir for further 3 minytes to allow full hydratation.
Add corn syrup -95'C during 3 minutes.


Robertet Solution provider

Should the above mentioned products not fulfil your requirements regarding flavor release, texture and cost,or should you have any specific questions regarding the products and how to use them, our Tech service and Application Laboratories are available to support you and if necessary to design your personalized solution.
Our laboratories are well equipped to carry out practical application tests on pilot plant equipment simulating large-scale production methods.