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Tumbler Processing



Tumbler Processes are well known meat products available throughout the world in many different varieties.
These are often injected and tumbled, mostly cured or cooked and sometimes smoked. They can be made from whole muscles or ground meat. The most common type of meat are pork and beef, followed by turkey and chicken but there are also products made from veal or lamb on the market.



Beside salt and spices there are several other ingredients which are used for the stabilization of  tumbler Processes. Especially for extension levels higher than 20%, the use of Phosphates, Hydrocolloids, Proteins or other ingredients are necessary to increase the cooking yield.


Benefits of using Robertet stabilizers

· Cost saving

    - improvement of the cook yield

    - less product failure

    - less returns

· Appearance improvement

    - syneresis reduction during shelf life

    - less gel pockets

· Improvement of the texture

· Improvement of the sliceability

· Better homogeneity of the brine

Robertet Stabilizers are highly comparable with natural meat color and taste. They can help microbiological quality by reducing syneresis where bacteria can grow.



Robertet Certify :      ISO 22000: 2005      /      HACCP      /      Halal Certified

* Stabilizer Mix: The blend Hydrocolloids , Poly phosphates and etc.