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Fine paste sausage



Fine paste sausages are well known meat products available throughout the world in many different varieties. Fine paste sausage is composed of finely cut and emulsified raw meat (beef,pork, chicken, turkey), fat and water where various ingredients such as salt, phosphates, spices,curing agents, stabilizers and other binders are added. The production takes place in a bowl chopper where knives running with high speed cut and mix all ingredients. At the end of the manufacturing process a fine, viscous paste is created, which will be stuffed, cooked, and some times smoked, to get a firm sliceable product.


Functional Ingredients

Beside salt and phosphates/citrates there are several other functional ingredients used for the stabilization of fine paste sausages. Hydrocolloids, proteins or other ingredients are necessary
- to compensate for the use of non standardized raw materials, high water level in the recipe,
- to allow the use of frozen, low pH, fatty and low binding meats,
- to fit with specific process conditions, steps (pump, pre-heating treatment, high shear),
- to create products which fit with modern consumption style (freezing, microwaving, packaging),
- to create innovation (texture, size portion, packaging condition),
- to maintain during shelf life the intrinsic properties of the finished product by improving the overall quality (texture, taste, aspect).


Benefits of using Robertet stabilizers

• Cost saving
    - cook yield improvement
    - less product failure
    - less returns
• Appearance improvement
    - syneresis reduction during shelf life
    - less purge in the vacuum packaging
    - better eating quality through shelf life
• Hydrocolloids synergistic effects
    - better stability of the emulsion
    - improvement of the texture (bite and juiciness)
    - improvement of the sliceability


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