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Ingredients and Technology for the Meat & Poultry Industry


A wide application expertise

Fresh and frozen meats

• Marinated fillets
• Cuts and fillets
• Fresh sausages
• Hamburgers


Dried and semi-dried cured meats

• Fermented cured meats: dry sausages, Salami, pepperoni
• Non fermented cured meats


Pre-cooked whole muscles and pieces

• Injected cooked ham (whole, presliced)
• Tumbled and reformed cooked meat (whole, presliced)
• Beef loins
• Turkey and chicken roast


Pre-cooked ground meats

• Fine paste sausages (Frankfurter, Bologna, Hot Dogs)
• Luncheon meat and Mortadellas
• Nuggets


Sterilized and canned products

• Corned beef and Luncheon meat
• Fine paste sausages
• Cooked meat
• RTE meals


Our upstream integration and solution providing capability make the difference


Integrated supply chain of all key raw materials to guarantee a consistent quality.

Certificates on Halal, Allergenics, GMO Free issues are available on demand.


Production reliability and traceability

Robertet has a very long tradition in the production of functional food ingredients. Our first target is providing the highest quality
and closely monitoring manufacturing costs to meet the highest
standards (HACCP, ISO 22000:2005)


Quality Control

Well equipped Quality Control laboratories (microbiological, rheological and physico-chemical) allow us to monitor the
quality of raw materials, semi-finished products as well as finished products in all our production sites.


A Technical Team at the center of application and innovation fully dedicated to the meat industry

Two Food Development Centers in Europe and Midle East are staffed with highly trained food technologists to apply their expertise and know-how to customer requirements in the field of meat processing.
Our laboratories are well equiped to carry out practical application tests. Our comprehensive knowledge and technical insight enable us to tailor-make solutions to meet requirements of the individual customer.
The commitment of our team is to form win-win relationships with our customers.
Our sales force has the technical expertise to work directly with your R&D, operations, marketing and purchasing staff to lay the foundation for solving problems, identifying new opportunities and monitoring the coordination of our necessary resources.