Vanillin is a natural product present in vanilla pods, in the form of glucoside (gluco-vanillin),with a concentration of around 2%.
The best-known source of Vanillin is vanilla (Vanilla planifolia A.) which belongs to the orchid family.
The natural Vanillin obtained by extraction from the vanilla pods is very expensive and is available on the market only in very small quantities.

Furthermore, the principal source of natural Vanillin in the form of an extract from the pods is of variable quality despite
the fact that it is subject to international standards establishing a minimum of 2 g of pure Vanillin extract per kg.


Finally, current demand for this highly popular flavouring cannot be met purely by the production of vanilla pods which represents,
in pure Vanillin equivalent, less than 5 % of the total Vanillin consumed throughout the world.